Bibliography of pilgrimages to the Blessed Virgin.

[Fin du XIXe siècle].

2 volumes in-8 (240 x 150 mm), green half-chagrin; one corner badly missing and one corner blunted (Period binding).

A fascinating catalog of over 2,000 printed books and manuscripts from the 16th to the 19th centuries relating to the cult of the Blessed Virgin and her pilgrimages.
It is a description of the library of the copyist, a certain Julien Marie, supplemented by notes taken from other bibliographies or catalogs.

"This book is a catalog which gives [...] an indication of a certain number of works relating to the cult of the Blessed Virgin and especially those dealing with pilgrimages. It indicates a few foreign works that contain important information, either as prints or as text, on images of the Blessed Virgin, the object of particular veneration, or on shrines. It also lists a few books relating to confraternities of the Blessed Virgin. [...]"



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