GARNIER (Christian)

Large handwritten placard announcing a performance by Christian Garnier, son of the architect, for the inauguration of Marie Busquet-Pagnerre’s new salons on rue de Tournon.

March 1889

Overall dimensions: (620 x 940 mm).

Large six-part manuscript leaflet, illustrated with ink drawings, announcing a performance directed by Christian Garnier (1872-1898), son of architect Charles Garnier, with a set by painter Charles Duvent (1867-1940).
The show was given for the inauguration of Marie Busquet-Pagnerre's (1837-1911) new salons at 12 rue de Tournon on March 16, 1889. We enclose a signed autograph letter from Christian Garnier to her, describing the organization of the rehearsal and set-up.

The three-part production consisted of a monologue by Pierre Lereboulet (1874-1944), a performance of Les Deux aveugles, a musical buffoonery by Jules Moinaux with music by Jacques Offenbach, and Caracalla, a one-act tragedy by Clairville.
Christian Garnier played the lead roles, surrounded by a group of friends and amateur actors: H. Perrier, L. Perrier, P. Templier, Patachon, Girafier, Th. Tautphoeus, and Pierre Lereboulet (1874-1944), who became an eminent doctor and teacher. The brass band was conducted by P. Ammann, probably Paul Ammann (1874-1957), a future agricultural engineer.

Attached to this set are a handwritten flyer for the evening of March 16, 1889, a handwritten leaflet announcing the program for another similar evening, and a gouache "Le Souvenir program" (320 x 230 mm) probably linked to one of the evenings.

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