Productions littéraires du Vendredi.

Paris, 1862-1865.

75 issues in an in-4 volume (290 x 220 mm), 4 pp. per issue, green half-percaline bradel, untrimmed; title page rubbed (Modern binding).

A previously unpublished literary journal edited by a Parisian doctor, lithographically printed in the rue des Saints-Pères and rue du Four Saint-Germain.
It is illustrated with some 50 full-page compositions, including 12 caricature portraits and 38 humorous scenes, plus a few half-page and in-text figures.

This collection probably contains everything that appeared in this journal, from n°1 to 75, published from 1862 to August 1865.

The journal was edited by H. Piston (doctor, portrait in no. 30). Articles are signed by Piston, M. Tranckill (formerly treasurer, portrait on no. 25), Clyso, P. Pompier (portrait on no. 31), Bajulaz (failed comedian, portrait on no. 27), Satan (portrait on no. 28) and others.
The illustrations are mostly by Lancien (portrait at no. 23), but also by Brigandhomme and Surhomme.
The newspaper's offices were located on rue Saint Catherine, rue Mazarine and rue de l'Echiquier. The magazine's printer-lithographers were Declercke (67 rue des Saints-Pères), Proust (51 rue du Four Saint-Germain), and for the last 5 issues Dufour et Veron (14 rue Chanoinesse near Notre-Dame).

Each issue is divided into two parts, the first containing poems, music, theater, talks or variety shows, the second devoted to unpublished serial novels such as Fragments des mémoires d'un étudiant, recounting the trials and tribulations of a student in Paris (out of 47 issues, around 150 half-pages).

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