Wallet with perpetual calendar illustrated with compositions printed on leather.

[Allemagne, Fin du XIXe siècle]

In-12 (160 x 105 mm), brown basane, illustrated pale basane linings, pencil compartment, two red percaline gussets; composition of first counterplate and calendar partially faded, some rubbing (Period binding).

Charming advertising wallet with perpetual calendar, probably produced for a German carrier named Kaufmann & Glück, illustrated with 6 compositions including 2 large ones printed on leather.

A central paper flap contains the perpetual calendar with removable printed paper strips containing the days and months in French. It is illustrated with a figure of Hermes and a paddlewheel steamer. The reverse of the calendar features a large composition showing a trade scene with Muslim merchants and black people loading a Westerner's ship.
The leather back covers are each illustrated with a printed composition, captioned in German Alter Handel and Neuer Handel, for old and new trade.
The old trade scene shows ships being unloaded by men and transported by mules. The new trade scene shows the use of horse-drawn carts and wagons, as well as a crane to load the boats. It features the Spedition von Kaufmann & Glück sign, suggesting that this wallet may have been distributed as a promotional item.

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