Collection of decorative patterns for handbags, tunics and scarves.

[Paris (?), 1917 circa]

Large folio volume (500 x 320 mm), approx. 300 pages, half black cloth; very worn binding, spine missing, wormholes on first few leaves (Bound in contemporary style, bearing the label of Papeterie nouvelle 16 rue de l’échiquier, Paris).

Large volume containing over 1,000 motifs for decorated fabrics, mainly for handbags, tunics and scarves.
The motifs are often Art Deco, but also of Indian or Asian inspiration, sometimes captioned with a name or technical information.

This is probably a presentation volume for a designer and/or fabric merchant.
These motifs were not printed, but "stenciled" by perforating sheets of tracing paper, which were then covered with powdered ink, leaving a trace of the motif on the sheet underneath. The collection contains an example of these perforated tracing papers.

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