Ecole supérieur de commerce de Paris. Le Livre de Poche. Société Brodard & Taupin.


Set of 2 in-4 volumes (280 x 215 mm), paperback-covered boards (period binding).

Interesting memoir of an internship at the Brodard & Taupin printing company where the Livre de poche was manufactured.
They are illustrated with a total of 17 photographs of the workshops (7 of them flying) and some 30 diagrams and flowcharts, plunging us into the heart of the creation of this cultural and editorial revolution.
The content of the memoirs is similar, but with different developments: the first is the internship report itself, intended for the Ecole supérieure de commerce de Paris, the other, illustrated with photographs, takes the form of a documentary work.

This last volume details the manufacturing process (New Products; Reprints), organization (planning), printing (Evaluation; Linotype composition illustrated with a diagram; Page layout illustrated with two diagrams); Imposition illustrated with a diagram; Clicherie; Planage-façonnage illustrated with a diagram; Découpage illustrated with a diagram; "Calage" on rotary presses with a full-page diagram and two photographs of the machines); a diagram of the typesetting workshop; the brochure with five photographs of the workshops and two diagrams, one of which is full-page; laminating the covers with a photograph of the workshops; cardboard making (cardboard cutting with a diagram; cover making with a photograph of the workshops and a diagram; gilding with a photograph; taping & casing with a diagram).
A second part of 19 pp. gives a history of the paperback: Le format de poche, De la naissance aux éventails de la collection, Révision des valeurs,  La clientèle du livre de poche, Les dangers de la collection de poche, Conclusion.

The internship report volume contains an advanced presentation of the printing schedule, and numerical developments on delivery, invoicing, cost price, etc.

Amusing bindings that were certainly composed on Brodard & Taupin printing machines.



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