Daguerreotype of Manuel Eusebio Rendon (1824-1889) and María de Jesús Delfina Perez (1831-1886).

[Chili, Santiago (?), 1855 circa].

Quarter plate (visible 113 x 81 mm), mounted in a metal frame in an embossed brown leather case, jewels highlighted in gold; case cover detached, traces of corrosion on the plate.

Beautiful portrait of Manuel Eusebio Rendon (1824-1889) and María de Jesús Delfina Perez (1831-1886).
Originally from Ecuador, they were the parents of the man of letters and diplomat Victor Manuel Delphin Rendon (1859-1940), who was active in Paris for many years.

Ricardo Tossell or Tosel was a Chilean photographer specializing in the daguerreotype.

"In November 1852, the newspaper El Mercurio de Valparaiso reported that a new daguerreotypist, Ricardo Tosell, was offering his services in premises on Calle de la Aduana no. 100, the same premises Arturo Terry would occupy a year later.
In July 1853, Tosell was in Santiago, in a location next to the famous Temple of the Arts that painter Nathaniel Hughes had opened in the Galeria del Comercio on Calle Hukrfanos. Tosell attracted the attention of the press and connoisseurs for his Daguerrean experiments, apparently in portraits, in which he achieved exceptional merits.
Ricardo Tosell was mentioned again in February 1857, when he advertised his services associated with Cipriano Clavijo, in a new photographic and daguerreotype establishment on Estado Street, half a block from Santiago's Plaza de Armas. We then commented on the luminosity and natural color that the two photographers were able to impart to their portraits.
This author identified his daguerreotype portraits on the bronze border framing the work, with the Tossel Portraitiste seal. Tosell continued to photograph with the new method of paper photography, in vi& card format, in his Santiago establishment until 1865-1866. The SLI seal is known from this period, decorated with the Chilean coat of arms, A. Tosell/ Reiratista - Photographe." (1)

(1) translated from Hernan Rodriguez Villegas. Historia de la fotografia. Fotógrafos en Chile durante el siglo XIX. Centro Nacional del Patrimonio Fotografico, 2001. pp. 53-54.

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