Notebook of drawings of some twenty Norwegian medieval churches (stavkirker).

[Germany (?), circa 1860]

Small in-12 (130 x 85 mm), half Russian brown leather with corners, daffodil edges (Period binding).

Charming notebook containing 23 drawings of medieval Norwegian churches (stavkirker). The remaining pages are either blank or contain various handwritten notes.
There are sometimes several plans for each church: the original plan and successive enlargements, the first dating from the 1850s. An 1851 law stipulated that every church had to be able to accommodate 30% of the local population, leading to the modification or destruction of many stavkirker. Today, 28 stavkirker remain.

List of stavkirker represented: Urnes orig (oldest stavkieke), Borgund, Stedje, Hopperstad, , Hopperstad orig., Fortun, Fortun 1854, Fortun orig., Kaupanger, Lom orig., Ringebu,  Hurum (2 drawings), Lomen, Heggen, Hedalen,Reinli, Torpo, Torpo 1855, Gol, Nore, Uvdal, Heddal, Eidsborg.



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