An album of London samples of materials used to create bindings, collected by Canadian bookbinder Oswald Rogers.

[années 1930]

In-4 (290 x 210 mm), album from The Office Specialty, Newmarket, Ontario, colored cloth; some samples have probably been removed from the volume (Period binding).

Important album of samples of various materials used to create bindings from London suppliers such as N.J. Hill & Co, Nickerson Bros. Ltd, James Nawman Ltd and H Band & Co. It was composed by Oswald Rogers, a bookbinder based in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

The album contains 4 samples of cords (N.J. Hill, 5 Fann Street), 4 sets of colored wools (Jaeger), a total of 95 samples of leathers of all colors and grains (mainly from N.J. Hill and Nickerson Bros. Ltd, 99-101 Worship Street), 27 colored marbled papers (N.J. Hill), 13 imitation leather percaline papers (N.J. Hill), 5 imitation moire percaline papers (N.J. Hill), 16 marbled endpapers, 31 papers of various colors for endpapers or counterplates, 12 Whatman, Vellum papers or Ingres papers (James Newman Ltd., 24 Soho Square), 8 Japon papers (James Newman Ltd.), 42 samples of vellum, parchment or calf vellum in different grains and colors (H. Band & Co Manufacturers of all kinds of Vellum and parchment, specialists in Kelmscott, roman & medieval vellums for de luxe editions, Brentford, the business card itself is illuminated on vellum, with a printed price list), numerous samples of fabrics and canvas (William Whiteley Ltd).

The album also contains various documents such as letters from suppliers and invoices (Nickerson Bros. Ltd, William Whiteley, Harrods), as well as two catalogs of binding materials: Bookbinding Materials price list from N.J. Hill & Co and Hampson Bettridge & Co, and another catalog from James Newman.

An interesting collection of bookbinding materials available in London in the 1930s.

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