Diploma in theology by priest and historian Auguste Bâtard (1850-1934).

Rome, 1876.

In-8 (235 x 170 mm), 7 pp, fawn basane, gilt monogram IHS (Binding of the period).

Rare specimen of a theology diploma issued by the Pontifical Gregorian University of the Roman College in Rome.

Entirely calligraphed on vellum, it concerns Auguste Bâtard (1850-1934), a priest of the Laval diocese and author of works on local religious history. The document cites illustrious professors of the time such as Domenico Palmieri and Antonio Ballerini, and bears a secretary's signature for Pierre-Jean Beckx (1795-1887), Superior General of the Society of Jesus, and Pietro Ragazzini, Rector of the Gregorian University, as well as the autograph signatures of Torquato Armellini, Secretary of the Society of Jesus, and Giovanni Perrone, Professor and former Rector of the University.

A rare document about the Jesuits at the end of the 19th century.



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