GIDE (André)

Le roi Candaule.

Paris, Aux Aldes, 1927.

In-4 (290 x 240 mm), brown morocco, inlaid enamel plate on first plate framed by six gilt fillets, smooth spine, brown morocco lining, moiré silk endpapers, double endpapers, gilt head, untrimmed, cover and spine, slipcase; minor tarnishing to endpapers and cover, colophon leaf bound in later, some chips and cracks to enamel (Yvonne Roulier).

Edition illustrated with ten copper-engraved compositions by Démétrios Galanis.

Edition of 320 copies, this one on old Van Gelder hollande, one of 12 copies reserved for the Champion bookshop with a black suite of engravings.

Beautiful binding by Yvonne Roulier, offering a very rare specimen of Art Deco binding adorned with a cloisonné enamel plate specially executed for its decoration.
We were unable to identify the monogram AM (?), but it could be the work of an artist who was a member of the Société des artistes décorateurs, as was Yvonne Roulier.

Yvonne Roulier took part in the 1936 Salon des Artistes Décorateurs, where she exhibited her bindings alongside those of Louise-Denise Germain, Marguerite Bernard, Gérard de Mentque, Hélène Dumas, Antoinette Cerutti and Françoise Picard.

Ernest de Crauzat, in his book La Reliure française de 1900 à 1925, cites only six bindings decorated with enamel plates: one by Alfred Meyer (1832-1904) and five by Jean Goulden (1878-1946), of the mythical Dunand-Goulden-Jouve-Schmied group.

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