Histoire des Favorites, containing the most remarkable events of several reigns.

Amsterdam, Marret, 1708.

2 volumes in one in-12, brown calf, ornate spine, red edges; without frontispiece and portrait plates, two corners dulled (Period binding).

A famous collection of ten short stories featuring famous favorites whose personalities or destinies left their mark on their contemporaries, such as Agnès Sorel, Julie Farnèse and Marie de Beauvilliers, mistress of Henri IV.
It was written by Protestant writer Anne de La Roche-Guilhen (1644-1710), who fled France following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and was forced to publish it anonymously (1697). It wasn't until the second edition, in 1705, that her name appeared in the title.

This copy includes, repeated twice, a handwritten call to autodafé, proof that the Wars of Religion were still very much alive in 1708.



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