Curious studio poster for the 1904 Quat’Z’arts ball.

1903 (?) – 1904

One sheet of bluish laid paper (600 x 470 mm); some foxing and tarnishing, pinholes in corners.

A proposal for a studio poster for the 1904 Quat'Z'Arts ball, then announced at the Elysée Montmartre.
It was submitted to a competition organized by the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, and bears the stamp reproduced here.

It is naturally very different from the letterpressed studio posters of 1903 and 1905 preserved at ENBA.

The poster features a large silhouette of a man wearing a cap bearing Bourdin's name, holding in his arms a little imp announcing the usual recommendations for the ball.
Entirely autographed, with numerous erasures and ink stains reproduced, an interesting Nota bene indicates its printing conditions:
"We are happy to be able to thank here our excellent comrade Boucaut who, having set up 126 rue Fazillac in Levallois, a first-rate phototypie, makes our prints of cards and posters on friendly terms.
Les Vieux, un ban (?) pour le camarade Boucaut! et vous M'sieur l'Chef d'orchestre: un Pompier!"

Several notes follow: "Il doit être collé deux affiches par atelier" then "Exécuté avec le bout d'allumette froment(esvig) [?] breveté s.g.d.g.", then in ink it seems: "Graveurs libres".

A very rare and amusing poster composed and lithographed by students at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts for their famous ball.

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