Corrected typescript of his speech at the Pèlerinage de Médan.


In-8, half-percaline bradel in havana (Period binding).

The corrected typescript of Lucien Descaves' speech delivered at the Pèlerinage littéraire de Médan in 1927.
This is an early version of the speech, with five corrected turns of phrase in Descaves' hand. Three of these corrections were carried over to the version published the same year in the Bulletin de la Société littéraire des amis d'Émile Zola.

Interesting speech in which Descaves expresses his regret at having been one of the signatories of the Manifesto of the Five.
This violent pamphlet, written in the form of an open letter to Émile Zola, was published in Le Figaro on August 18, 1887, following the publication of his novel La Terre. It was signed by five young writers close to Edmond de Goncourt's Grenier: Paul Bonnetain, J.-H. Rosny aîné, Lucien Descaves, Paul Margueritte and Gustave Guiches. Edmond de Goncourt totally disassociated himself from this text, calling it a "misdeed" in his Journal.

The year 1927 was also important for Zola's recognition by official institutions, since in the same month of October "the Bibliothèque nationale organized an exhibition of Zola's books and manuscripts in its ground-floor hall; and on the evening of October 6, a ceremony in Zola's honor took place in the Sorbonne's grand amphitheater, in the presence of Raymond Poincaré, President of the Council of Ministers from 1926 to 1929." (1)

This speech is contained in a book which also includes :

The invitation to the pilgrimage
Lucien Descaves' article on Emile Zola in the Journal littéraire (1924, no. 8), quoted in his speech
Three illustrated issues of Hommes d'aujourd'hui, including portraits of Lucien Descaves and Léon Hennique by Huysmans, and Huysmans by Meunier.
An old countertype of the photographic portrait of Huysmans by André Taponier (1904) reproducing an E.A.S. to Henry Girard.

An interesting and unique set around Médan and its protagonists.

(1) Nicholas White. Lucien Descaves' Philémon (1913) and the fiction of repatriation: a community of returnees. Available online:


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