LAMENNAIS (Félicité de La Mennais dit)

Collection of autograph reading notes on Mahometism and the Koran, as well as writings from his youth.

[circa 1815 and after].

In-4 (320 x 255 mm) containing 8 double leaves in-4 (255 x 200 mm) and 6 small single leaves (144 x 120 mm), half blue morocco with corners (Early 20th century English binding).

Important autograph record of the study of Mahometism and the Koran by the very Catholic Félicité de La Mennais (1782-1854).
These reading notes and commentaries are structured in around a hundred paragraphs, each with a reference to the source consulted.
La Mennais repeatedly compares Mahometism and the Catholic religion.

The volume contains two other interesting manuscripts of 3 and 2 pp.
The first concerns the interpretation of a speech by Patriarch Germain, the cult of the Virgin Mary and the primacy of Saint Peter.
The second is a draft of an early article, Considérations sur le pontificat de Pie VII (published in 1815 in the journal L'Ami de la Religion et du roi), which predates the Essai sur l'indifférence en matière de religion. This manuscript contains an unpublished introductory note: L'état de persécution est l'état ordinaire, et pour ainsi dire, naturel de l'Eglise, as well as some fifteen corrections in the text.

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